So where are the 77 added transactions?

Today I launched my worksheet and let the Tiller extension fill updates. I get:

Screenshot from 2024-06-12 09-39-50

Note that Date Added are all yesterday. Does Fill also update existing transactions ? How do I locate the changes ?

Not much looks different than the version of the worksheet from 03:01 today.

Oh that’s odd. I know Tiller never goes back and updates records already written, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Found them. The transactions are from dates before Aug 5, 2023 back to Jul 3, 2022 and are all against Amex accounts. None appear to be categorized, but things that count un-categorized all show 0 and control-down in the category column goes to the bottom.

Not sure why, but that’s where we are.

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What was Pacific Time when the filled executed? Yesterday?

I’m a similar weird issue with my Amex transactions as well. Inserting a bunch of old, uncategorized transactions.

I also had similar issue with my AMEX transactions inserting a bunch of old categorized transactions going as far as Jun 2022.

We think it’s possible our Amex connection just made some changes that expanded the date for historic data to pull into our database, and since these transactions weren’t yet watermarked as “filled” they have re-populated in people’s sheets. We suggest manual removal of duplicates instead of document restoration for instance, so that newly set watermarks are retained.

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