Sofi - Site Blocked?

Anybody else experiencing issues getting their SoFi data to sync? I noticed since April 28th I get a “Site is blocked” message on the Tiller Console when trying to do a refresh.


Hi @cwcmind Our data provider is currently working to fix a widespread outage affecting SoFi . They indicate the tentative ETA for the fix is 5/11. You can check in on the status of this issue, and whether the ETA is being extended, on this dashboard: Institution Outages - Google Sheets.

If you find your SoFi connection is still not working after it is no longer on the outage dashboard, reach out to our support team via the chat icon from your Tiller Console and we’re happy to help!

Thanks Morgan, I missed there was an outage report. Definitely a resource that needs to be highlighted more!

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