Support for PayPal Mastercard through Synchrony?

I can’t seem to find a way to add my PayPal Mastercard. It’s managed through PayPal instead of the synchrony website. I do see other similar Synchrony credit cards such as Belk and Old Navy that seem to be supported.

Adding my PayPal account will show transactions that have been placed through PayPal that used the credit card but it does not show transactions that used the physical card or the card number/expiration/cv2.

I’m thinking that this credit card is not currently supported?

It used tu work but stopped after Mar 31. IT was on the outages spreadsheet but wasnt ther today. Transactions still not coming over.

Its really frustrating as this is our major card for all purchases/

Tiller support is no help

Same problem here. I just opened the Paypal Mastercard 3% card, but cannot link it to Tiller to see the transaction feed. Massive bummer.