Switching to 2020 budgeting

This may be a really dumb question, but wondering if others have thought this through.

I finally have the spreadsheet working really well for my 2019 budget. Now that I am getting ready to set up my 2020 budget, I am wondering whether to keep going in the 2019 file and re-set the budget for 2020 (perhaps creating a static copy of the 2019 budget and 2019 transactions for reference). Or, I could set up a new file and then when I close everything out for 2019 in mid-January, move the balances over to a new file as a transaction to get a clean start. For other Excel users- how are you doing it?


I think it is a great question and am curious to hear what people are doing as well. I’m new to tiller these last three months and have been wondering the same. How do people roll-over to the next year? Do they create a copy from which to move forward with or maintain one spreadsheet over many years? Is there an approach that Tiller recommends?

Hi @Stephanie and @pjsiebert,

I put together a help doc about rolling into the new year last week. It’s really a matter of preference and what template you’re using.

We’re also having a webinar on 12/18 where we’ll demo the steps that are specific to the new year.

Register here, even if you can’t attend we’ll send you a recording of it to watch later.


Will the webinar be able to be seen afterward? I am new to Tiller and won’t be able to make it but would appreciate being able to catch it on demand later.

This is terrific, thank you so much!

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Yes @andrewteg, we’ll be sending the link to a recording via email to anyone who registers on Thursday after the webinar.

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