Tag report how to make the order showing by "Total Amount" instead of by "all tags"


I am using the tag report a lot, but I want the tag report to make the order showing by “Total Amount” instead of by “all tags”. Anyone can help out how to do?


Hi @jonathanding

The fast way is to change the formula in cell E9 to the following:

  "SELECT Col1,Col2,Col3,Col4 
    WHERE Col5 CONTAINS "","&F4&","" AND Col5 != ',,' AND Col1 >= date '"&TEXT(O18,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' AND Col1 <= date '"&TEXT(O19,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' 
    ORDER BY Col4 ASC",0),"No results"),IFERROR(1/0))

If you’re interested, I can share a copy of the sheet that allows you to select the sort column.

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Hi @rhowell

Thank you for much for your reply. I tried to put the formula into the E9, it gives “no results”.

If you can share a copy of the sheet that allows me to select the sort column, that will be perfect!

Thank you!

I just realized that I misread your request. You want to change the order of the left-most table, correct?

Yes. That’s right. change the order with all tags total amount.

Try copying the tab named Tags Report Sortable from my shared spreadsheet to your Tiller template:

It adds some drop downs to allow you to sort:

(To copy the tab, right click on it, select Copy To … Existing Spreadsheet and then select your Tiller Foundation sheet.)

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Wow, GREAT! This is EXACTLY what I want it!


Glad to help. I just updated it to allow sorting on the right-most table as well:

Thank you for your effect to make it.

When I tried to copy the latest version of the tags report, it keeps says:“Oops. A server error occurred.”

I’m fine with previous one w/o the sorting on the right-most table though.

Thank you!

Strange, I get the same Copy sheet error. Oops, a server error occurred message. I deleted the copy in my foundation spreadsheet, tried to copy it again, and it worked, so that might work for you as well.


Thank you again!

Hi @rhowell ,

I actually have another favor to ask. Do you think if you are able to make the filter option for “Tags” on the most-left side as well?

I want to hide some history tags that don’t need always shows up there.


I updated to sheet to be able to hide tags. LMK if it works for you.


Hi @rhowell

It’s working! But when I select “all date” of the date filter. The hide field function disappeared.

Thank you!

Whoops, that was some errant conditional formatting. Try it now.

And for even more slicing and dicing power, this looks like a great solution:

Thank you for much @rhowell

It’s working perfectly now. And Thank you for providing another great solution to me.

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Thanks, @rhowell, for all you do to help people get their financial workflow working the way they want them to.