Tallying transactions by Month and Categories

Is there a template just to tally transactions by Month and Categories?

Have you looked at the Yearly Budget? Or the Category Tracker?

Welcome @tburnettla, there may be but i think your best bet would be to create a pivot table for the data you are looking for.

This webinar has some information about pivot tables if you are unsure how to do that.

I think a pivot table is the answer. Thank you! (one of the Tiller introductory videos–#8–talks about pivot tables and show you how to build the exact one I was looking for). I think the unusal title “pivot table” scared me off but it is actually pretty straightforward and I used it to make the monthly transaction table that I was looking for. (I still tink it should be included as one of the Foundation templates sheets, but that’s’ another story.

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Thank you,
Another user, bentyre1, suggested that a pivot table might be the way to accomplish what I was looking for and I made one and it did. Your suggestions Yearly Budget and Category Tracker would have been useful (and I may avail myself of them at some point), but probably have more information and flexibility than I need. Thanks again for your help.