Webinar Resources: Getting Prepared for Tax Time with Tiller


In this webinar we did a demo of how to manually add your historical bank data to your Tiller spreadsheet if any of last year’s data was missing then explored next steps for using your Tiller-powered spreadsheet to get organized for tax filing.


Watch a replay of the webinar


How to Manually Import Your Bank Data

How to Use Tiller to Organize Your Finances for Tax Time

How to Generate a Yearly Pivot Table for Easy Tax Time Reporting

Shout out from @KirkO during the webinar:

While I love pivot tables, I’ve actually found the ‘Account & Category Report’ (from @Cowboy13 in the Tiller Community) to be extremely helpful, especially during tax time. He and I have modified this sheet (and add a column to ‘Category’ sheet) to include a ‘Tax Group’, which then allows easy filter of tax-related items.


has anyone made a template to designate amazon purchases by category or would you do it the same way as you’re showing for downloading transactions and then wipe out the amazon trans that automatically showed up from credit cards?
Check out the Amazon Line Item CSV tool in Tiller Community Solutions for Google Sheets

Q: would you talk more about categories and taxes?
The specific categories you should use for tax organization should be reviewed with your accountant.
More on setting up categories here.

can you just filter the date column vs. adding a year column?
I don’t recommend filtering on the Date column in the pivot table because there would be too many options to filter.

How do you subcategorize in Tiller?
Check out this help article

Can we use P&L Reports from Tiller for tax filing rather than using Pivot tables?
More on that in this help article

Q: Can you export from Quicken? Can you export from QuickBooks? I’m just learning this platform…
This should be possible, yes, but we don’t have the steps documented.

Is using a pivot table preferable to just using the yearly budget tab? Is it just more flexible due to the filter?
The Yearly Budget is a great way to do this too. The benefit of the pivot table is the ability to filter, yes.

Should the results of the pivot table for 2022 the same as the yearly budget and actual summary? If they are not, any idea why not?
The amounts could be different if the pivot table is not filtering out transfer type categories or categories marked as hide from reports.

will you go over tagging and the reports you can generate that help with tax time using that option? it seems there are two different tagging options (in categories and transactions) that do not correspond to each other?
More on that in this help article

Would there be any benefit to adding a column called “Taxes” and then placing an N or Y in the column as the data is entered? That way at the end of the year you could filter on Tax data being Y.
You could definitely do this if it’s your preference, however it seems like more work to me.

Can I add columns anywhere in Foundation sheet or just at the end?
You can add columns anywhere.

I started using Excel but it seems like Google Sheets has more functionality. Is migration from Excel to Google easy?
Check out this guide

how do you print from yearly budget?
In Google Sheets you can select a block of cells and when you choose to print you can have it print just that selection.

Is there a tags demo on YouTube?
Yes, you can find it here: Fine tune your spreadsheet budget tracking with tags - YouTube - note that Tiller Money Labs is now called “Tiller Community Solutions”

This is the first time I’ve used pivot tables. How do I get back to the set up panel to make changes after the initial set up?
In Excel, you can just click inside the pivot table. In Google Sheets, there is a edit button below the pivot table.

Thank you for the informative webinar yesterday Heather. Learned skit that should help greatly.

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Welcome @oaktreevi :wave: ! You’re welcome!

Hello Heather

I’ve been a Tiller user for over a year. I migrated from Mint and love it.
The whole time until 2-3 weeks ago, I’ve been able to import my bank’s data (Montecito Band & Trust). Since then I’ve received the attached error message.
I am easily able to login to the Banks’ website and access my accounts.
I deleted the connection and added it twice to Tiller.
I called the bank and was told the problem lies with Tiller.

Thanks for your help.


I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login. They’ll have all the resources needed to troubleshoot the bank connection issue for you.

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