Technical Error for 2 Weeks

I cannot log into my local Credit Union account. Been going on for 2-weeks. I have contacted Tiller help and have answered (and tried) all their suggestions. Still getting error. A month ago I was down for 21 days without being able to login. My message "Technical Error at Enrichment Federal Credit Union"

The credit union sent me this reply from Alkami (I don’t know who they are) “Alkami does not prevent other institutions from interfacing with your online banking. We would not be blocking the Tiller app. Most often they use screen-
scraping in order to pass the users credentials to OLB in order to login and gather account info. Any connectivity issues, Interface issues, failed attempts to
pull account info and the errors or reason presented to members would not be something Alkami would have access to. Most of the time issues center
around the MFA security in place.
Members attempting to aggregate Enrichment Federal Credit Union from another Fl or third party app. will need to reach out to the other Fl or third party
App support to address those issues via their contractual support agreement with their Aggregators.
Given this, I am positioning this ticket for closure. Please approve closure of this ticket.

The Enrichment Federal Credit Union is taking a cavalier attitude to this re-occurring problem which is disappointing.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at once you’ve filed a ticket with our team we can investigate further and contact our data provider for help if needed.

By any chance did you add a new account (like savings or a loan)?

I had a similar issue with my credit union and Yodlee (via Personal Capital not Tiller Money). There was an issue with how the interface recognized how the credit union determines the primary account and sub accounts. In my case, Regular Shares (savings) is primary 01 and Checking is sub to Regular Shares 21. An auto loan is separate from both.


Thank you for your response. Twice this year I have had the “Technical Issue” one for 21 days the the latest for 15 days. I have a number of Tiller connected accounts and my Credit Union is the only one that does not work flawlessly. Tiller submitted the trouble ticket below and a couple of days ago my login issue was resolved. I suspect your analysis is correct. My credit union sub accounts are named like you Personal Capital ones. Yodlee had to get involved.

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I am glad it got resolved. It seems to be a unique account setup for credit unions.