Technical error undefined

After several months of clean connections to my data sources, I am seeing “Technical Error undefined” errors for 4 of my connections. I have re-added my credentials several times in both the TillerHQ site and the sidebar. The connections just continue to fail after several minutes like timeout errors. Is there a known issue? I am seeing it with the following data sources:

  • CareCredit/Synchrony Bank
  • JCPenney Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Pershing

Any suggestions?


PayPal has been down for a few weeks. Both it and CareCredit are on the Institutional Alerts Dashboard. You probably have to ask Tiller customer support to look into the other two.

Thank you! I will bookmark that dashboard and check it often!

JCPenny has been down for me also for about 10 days. I just noted it’s on the outage list as Synchrony Bank.

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