Third Party Aggregators


I was reading the following:

I am quite the lay person when it comes to this technology stuff so I apologize up front if I do not know what I am talking about.

The chart says Yodlee is high on price and low on developer friendliness. I know you used to use Plaid. What happened there? Maybe worth a second look now that they are being bought by VISA.

It seems to make sense to be using multiple TPA’s. Use each one for their strengths. Maybe give customers a choice. Now you have all your eggs in one basket. Of course this might mean more costs. If so, you might need to raise the price. I think your customers might think a higher price is worth not having the problems they currently have regarding this issue.

Where am I going wrong here?

Tiller Community - please feel free to chime in.




Not sure where you got that we used to use Plaid? Since our inception in 2015 we’ve used Yodlee exclusively.

We hope to support multiple aggregators in the future, but it’s a longer term goal and we’re still trying to stabilize the integration with the existing provider.