Tiller money feed only pulling deposits

im new to tiller, and from the get-go i had a datafeed error with my bank. i have a trouble ticket in and they are helping and it is moving along slowly (not a complaint, i get these things are complicated).

anyway, my bank is now feeding data to my google spreadsheet but only my deposits. i updated my trouble ticket with this info but it occurred to me this might simply be a categorization issue or something simple that I can fix.

To be clear, my payments and withdrawals are not being pulled into my transactions tab in my google SS. But all my deposits are there. Is this a “check this box” or “assign this category” or some other simple fix that I can do to get all my data to pull?

If not, no problem, i will wait for the help desk. Thanks in advance

Thats super odd, CAn you confirm that you have no filters setup on the transacations sheet?

yes, that is confirmed. i do use filters for when I am searching for an entry, and I am careful to turn them off when i am done. i remember once i left a filter on and then closed the SS. I went back to it later and ran the fill sheets function (this was before my bank with the issue was updating). i learned from this that the data is pulled in anyway but sorted into the filtered data and did not overwrite the hidden data. all i had to do then was to turn off the filter and re-sort. i was impressed by this, since it showed me i would not lose data if i left a filter on. to be clear, this was in the initial stages of me getting started with tiller so i wasn’t concerned i would screw something up.

thanks for replying!

tiller confirmed it is a datafeed error. please close this thread. thanks for the help!

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