Tiller Money Labs Manual Entry Issue

When I enter a transaction manually in Tiller Money Labs, everything works well…except the “account” dropdown shows every account I’ve ever synced up with my Tiller sheet, even though I have the inactive accounts “hidden” on the “accounts” sheet. Is there another place that determines which accounts are visible on the dropdown?

It gets quite confusing. A few months back, I had trouble syncing with a couple of online accounts and added the offending account a second or third time to try and troubleshoot the issue. As a result, for instance, my HSA account shows up three times on the account list, even though the old ones have “hide” selected on the “accounts” tab.

It may be worth a try to delete the accounts that are not being used anymore (such as the duplicate HSA accounts) on the Balance History tab. You can use the steps below. to remove the balance/account data:

  1. Open the Balance History sheet (this is usually a hidden sheet).
  2. Turn the filter on for the entire Balance History sheet.
  3. Sort by the Account column.
  4. Filter the Account column by the Account you want to remove
  5. Clear the rows of data for the account.
  6. Sort the sheet newest to oldest by the Date column.
  7. Turn off the filter.
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Thanks, Warren! I actually ended up doing something similar on the Accounts sheet by deleting the cells on the “hidden” side of the sheet (starting with column F). However, I did that before I saw your message…your method would have been a lot less messy for me, but I don’t see the “obsolete” accounts anymore!

Great!! Mission Accomplished

@royboybaum deleting the accounts from the hidden area on the Accounts sheet may break the Accounts/Balances sheet functionality down the line in which case you may need to restore the Accounts sheet using the Labs add-on. There is a Repair Balance History workflow in the Labs add-on under Tools > Utilities > Repair Balance History


Thanks, Heather! Clearing out the Balance History Sheet would have been the “correct” way to remove the accounts. And since there were still pieces of the old accounts floating around in my sheets, I did the following:

  1. Ran the Repair Balance History Add on (of course, this actually “removed” accounts I was using as well…uh oh!)
  2. To fix the problem, I followed the guidance in another helpful post I found, and went to the Labs again, Manage Solutions, then restored the Accounts tab on my sheet.
  3. then all I had to do was tweak the “group” assignments and “class overrides” to get everything lining up correctly again on my “net worth” and “balances” sheets.