Timeout Error with Envelope Budget

Hello, I am looking for help with the Monthly Budget spreadsheet (envelope budgeting) within my account. I am not able to use my current spreadsheet at all due to the error that is coming up.

The bank feed/transaction data IS working

My Monthly Budget tab within the envelope budgeting is NOT working. It will not finish loading at the top when I switch to the tab, and if I try to navigate within that page at all, using the tiller labs, trying to change month, trying to restore dashboard, anything, it will not work. A pop up comes up in the corner that says a known timeout error has occurred and to please email support. Also I do have some other spreadsheets that DO seem to be loading, so it seems the issue is specifically within this spreadsheet. So far I have tried restoring the dashboard and the timeout error pops up still. Nothing I can do will get the sheet to change at all. I have no idea how to fix this and wondering if anyone has any insight on what may be going wrong. Thanks!

@BrittneyP We have seen this issue come up a few times. Can you try the steps below to see if this helps.

  1. Delete all the extraneous empty rows at the bottom of the budget dashboard

  2. Restore dashboard from ENVELOPE BUDGET > ENVELOPE BUDGET add-on

  3. Run analyze budgets history

Let us know how it goes.

Hmm…that didn’t work. It didn’t really look like it actually deleted the empty row at the bottom of the Budget Dashboard (just row 14). It kind of froze - the green bar in the top right corner only loaded halfway and hovering over it, it says “calculating formulas” but then it never finishes loading. I went ahead and tried the restore dashboard and analyze budgets history after that anyway but the same timeout error popup came up when I did both.

@heather Any thoughts on this?

For anyone else that runs into this issue and tries @warren’s steps but they don’t work:

I had @BrittneyP share her sheet with support (this is a very last resort thing we do).

I had to

  1. Delete the Monthly Budget tab from the Google Sheet (it kept spawning tens of thousands of blank rows at the bottom of the sheet for whatever reason)
  2. Make a copy of an older, working version her Google Sheet (working because there weren’t thousands of extra rows at the bottom of the Monthly Budget sheet) from File > Version History
  3. Copy the Monthly Budget tab from the copy of the Google Sheet into the live updating sheet (using right click tab > Copy to > paste URL at the bottom)
  4. Delete the copy of her Google Sheet that I made.
  5. Ran Analyze Budgets History to make sure it recognized that new budget dashboard
  6. Tested some of the shortcut commands

I think she’s all set.