Tracking cost basis/stock quantity in transactions tab

Is there a way to track cost basis precisely in the transactions tab? Currently (for Fidelity at least) it gives the total price paid (orders for more or less than one share) for an equity and the date purchased. I can use a =googlefinance function with the date purchased to have that feed into my equities tab and create a rough estimate of cost basis. However, this does not give the exact cost basis given fluctuations in prices throughout the day. Is there way to get the quantity of the equity of purchased to automate the precise cost basis?

Open to other solutions, but the only way I can see it working without getting quantity would be to only invest in set quantities and build formulas around those set quantities to get precise cost basis, but I frequently buy in odd quantities to rebalance VTI/VXUS around set ratios so would not be an optimal solution.

We don’t currently offer supported product around equity tracking. We have experimented with this in the past but ran into some data quality issues from our data provider.

Ok, thanks for explaining.