Transaction Tab Column Name

Somehow the “Categories” column label became one of my categories. It says “Business Travel” how do I change it to “Categories”? When I try to just change the data in the cell it won’t let me and gives me an error, “The data you entered in cell D1 violates the data validation rules set on this cell.” I can’t run autocat missing the “Categories” column label. Thanks

I’d consider just rolling it back to a correct version. I’d worry about compounding the problem by messing with something that’s already messed up. In Google Sheets, go to File → Version History → See Version History. Then, just chose a version prior to when it got messed up to restore to. Not sure how to do it in Excel, but shouldn’t be hard to figure out. . .

Hi @hectorlmunoz - if you want to try something before rolling back, it sounds like it could be as simple as cell D1 got copied from D2 or one of the ones below it. In that case the data validation probably also got copied. You can just copy and paste one of the column labels next to it like Description which is likely C1. Copy it into D1, then do your rename. It should be labeled “Category”.