Transaction Tracker for Google Sheets

I’m not sure what the polarity filter is but I’m pretty sure I’m not using it. Also there is no formatting. If I type in 100 in the >= slot and hit enter, it turns into $100 automagically and I get the results I’d expect.

If I type it into the <= it just sits there. And I get no results. Clearly operator error but can you please set this operator straight?

What is the Filter Hidden checkbox for?

The accounts tab lets you hide accounts that you don’t want to see but don’t want to delete. This option lets you select whether or not you want the stuff in the hidden accounts to be included in the results.


Just to clarify, the hidden filter works on transactions (based on category) not account.
I’m also still looking into the filter issue.

Oh really interesting. Thank you for clarifying. I have been wrong all!

But, I see the the categories hider now. Cool.

The polarity filter just filters based on positive or negative. Do a ctrl-f, you seemed to really like it. :slight_smile:

And I can’t seem to recreate the negative filter issue. Are you using other filters in addition to the negative filter?

using no filters except what is shown in the screenshot

i have another Tiller sheet set up for 2024 that has the exact same issue with the tracker.

© 2022 Yossiea, Version 1.14 - both sheets

Weird, I’m on the same version. Can you try pasting this code into A12?

=QUERY({INDIRECT(V14),INDIRECT(V15),INDIRECT (V19),INDIRECT(V18),INDIRECT(V20),INDIRECT(V21),INDIRECT(V19), indirect(V22), indirect(V24), indirect(V26)}, "select Col1,Col2,Col3,Col4,Col10,Col9,Col5, Col6, Col8 where 1=1 " & if(H8 ="","","and Col5 <= "&H8&"")& if(H7 ="","","and Col5 >= "&H7&"") & "Order by Col1 " &H6 &" ,Col9 asc Label Col1 'Date', Col2 'Description', Col3 'Group', Col4 'Category', Col5 'Amount', Col6 'Tags', Col8 'Note', Col9 'Account', Col10 'Institution'")

This gets rid of all filters other than >and<.
HAve you looked at the linked video? I ran the sheet with the filters but want to make sure we’re on the same page.

i looked at the link video. it appears that my confusion is operator error. i am not sure i understand but i do get that the tab is operating as designed. i now have a net new error and am waiting for the restore process to finish (i managed to introduce a new problem) but i was able to replicate your video on my other version.

thanks and sorry for the goat roadeo. @anthony.yeung check the video to see the formatting it is expecting.

still not clear on what the Filter Hidden check box does??? i have no filters selected, but when I check/uncheck that box, transactions come and go???

The Hidden filter toggles whether or not a transaction in a category that you marked “Hide from Reports” on the Categories sheet is displayed.
If you expand the sheet and go to column AA, the list of categories that are marked hidden are displayed.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

I am a Mint refugee and I’m blown away by how nice TT is!

Would it be possible to modify TT to pull data from a Transactions tab on a different sheet? (I’m thinking IMPORTRANGE for this).

I am trying to mimic Honeydue. I am envisioning a shared Google Sheet where my partner and I can filter TT by Transaction Tags such as, “Phil Shared Expense.”

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Thanks! It’s actually easier than that. Go to S13 and put in the new Transactions sheet name. And I guess if you’re somewhat familiar with Sheets, you can just do a drop down that changes S13 to whatever sheet you want to look at.

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Thanks! S13 is what I was looking for.

I think I used the wrong terminology - I actually meant grabbing the data from the Transactions sheet in a different Tiller Foundation Template.

Ended up having success via a different route. I left TT unmodified. Instead, I created a blank Tiller Foundation Template (with zero connected accounts), and populated its Transactions sheet from my and her data. e.g.,:

={IMPORTRANGE("1OV2FpTv1...", "'Transactions'!$A2:P"); IMPORTRANGE("1uyiczTpR...", "'Transactions'!$A2:P")}

Now our relevant Transaction Tags appear in one place :+1:

Glad that worked out, and you can still use a dropbox in one of the visible fields with “mine,hers,both” and then in S13 you just reference that cell with an if, for an added layer of filtering.

Was able to change sheet reference to a different transaction set. Is there any way to change Catagories to a difference sheet?

Yes, but it’s a bit more manual. You’ll need to change the value in W12 (which is used for the category filter).
Then, along column S you need to just put in the new Category sheet name for all those that use it in Column V, or once you’re doing that, you can just reference W12 in those fields. (Which is something I should do in a new version.)

Thanks, Worked fine - did the references to w12.

Is there a problem with this sheet? I’m getting the following error: