Transactions are pulling in twice to spreadsheet

I just noticed that when my accounts refresh, two transactions pull into my spreadsheet as opposed to one. I’ve checked my bank account to make sure that there are no doubles from the bank. But, one transaction will pull in saying “pending” and another will pull in when the transaction actually posts to my bank account. I started noticing that my balances were higher than expected and traced the issue. However, the biggest concern is that it seemingly does this at random. Not every transaction doubles. Any experience with this?

The only reason I can think of for getting double transactions is if you have two accounts for the same institution. I ran into this when I set up an account for myself, and another for my wife to pull in our checking/savings accounts, but our joint account appears under both, so we got duplicate transactions. I just had to disable the joint account under one of them (, so only one got pulled in.

Hi @jasonmullins777, we have a guide on our help center about duplicates