Transfer transactions not showing - Setting up Accrual Accounting

Hey @gsizemore486!

The short answer is that this isn’t easy. The filter that removes Transfers from the Monthly & Yearly budgets is in cell Q16 of the Monthly Budget. It’s easy to remove the filter. The problem is that the visible part of the table isn’t configured to properly render types other than Income and Expense. You can try removing the Transfer filter and you will see what I mean…

Short of a major reworking of the category-rendering formulas in the Monthly & Yearly Budget sheets (the category groupings are created in the Monthly Budget sheet and then pushed into the Yearly Budget sheet), I think you have two options…

  1. You can try the new Savings Budget. It’s pretty similar to the Monthly Budget but includes wiring to store rollovers in each category. The Savings Budget is built to include Transfers by default. You can try this budget in your existing sheet (without affecting your existing budget) and delete it if you don’t like it.
  2. You can build your own version of the Yearly Budget. It isn’t as hard as it sounds to make a stripped down version. If you are pretty savvy with spreadsheets, I can help you with a couple of formulas if you prefer this route.


P.S. Thanks for your patience on this; I’ve been heads down on a pretty major rebuild of the Tiller Money Labs add-on.