Trouble with duplicates after import and bad formatting

I spent a good deal of time cleaning up rows in Transactions which were formatted differently than expected. I read these posts before cleaning up the rows (reformatting) and removing duplicates.

Screenshot from 2023-11-08 08-32-25
This morning’s load brought in about 200 rows (many of which are from Sept '22 or earlier) along with newer rows with incorrect formatting.

Note rows 1853 ( categorized and clean format ) vs rows 1858,1859 with the same account and amount but no Category chooser and different formatting.

  1. why are OLD data being pulled into Transactions ?
  2. What else can I check to minimize this concern going forward ?

Welcome @ramerkw :wave:

The incorrect formatting on the rows likely has something to do with the rows at the bottom of your Transactions sheet where data is initially filled then sorted to the top. You’ll want to update the formatting for all cells in the Transactions sheet column by column or select all the data to correct the fonts.

As for the duplicates, I’m not 100% sure why it would be bringing in old transactions again - sometimes there is a glitch on our data provider’s site where it will bring in old data.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

I cleaned up a lot of formatting using Sheets “Data Cleanup” I also categorized those items from 2022. Today’s import did much better only adding 3 transactions. However 1 of the 3 was import of the same transaction to separate accounts.

For this duplicate issue @ramerkw , I’d suggest reaching out to our support team.

I did. But i also noticed that the tx i imported from Mint stuff did not have Account ID filled. So i went thru tx and populated missing entries. That seems to have helped with the duplications. As to the format, i came across a troubleshooting doc on the Category column which i followed to make sure new rows would receive validations.


Glad to hear you’re sorting through the migration issues., @ramerkw.

Things were looking dandy until this morning. I had some trepidation when the daily e-mail had a long list of transactions I’d already seen and updated. But I went ahead and let Tiller fill new transactions.
Screenshot from 2023-11-30 08-54-57

There were dups back into September, but, most had been imported by the CSV importer from Mint data and didn’t have transaction ID. I cleaned out those rows added by CSV in favor of those just inserted.

That leads to a question: Does the data feed do a periodic look-back on certain days of the month (e.g. at the end of the month re-gather for last 90 days ). Sept 1 is 90 days from 11/30 …

The lookback period can vary by institution, so no it’s not looking on any specific day. Usually we do see about 90 days of historic data pull in.