Transaction Sheet Formatting Changed?


I recently refreshed the transactions sheet and several hundred rows are now being formatted differently than the standard formatting.

The categories column does not work for these specific rows, the font is changed from overpass to arial, and the amount column uses a different number format.

I can’t identify a trend as to why these particular rows are different. I am sure it’s easy to paste formatting, however I am unsure if there is a bigger underlying issue I need to correct for. Any help appreciated! Thank you all!

The Feeds add-on will add new rows at the bottom of your sheet then optionally sort them. Often, the formatting for the newly-added rows is inherited from the last row in your Transactions and Balance History sheets. I’d recommend manually applying the formatting from a good row to all rows in the body of the sheet (down to the last row). (Any chance your bottom most rows are hidden, btw?)

I think this might resolve the issues.

If not, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Great tip about inheriting formatting from the last row. Thank you.