Troubleshooting the "Est Quarterly Tax" sheet

I’ve tagged all of my business income and expense items as “Business” but they are not showing up on the “Est Quarterly Tax” sheet. (However, they do show up on the “Tags” sheet when I filter for “Business” so I’m pretty sure I tagged correctly.) Any advice on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks!

:wave:, @eilean!

We have two separate ways to add tags into our sheets. One way adds them to the Transactions sheet (the way you’re using), the other way (and the way you need to use for Est Quarterly Tax) adds them to the Categories sheet.

Follow the steps in this guide to get the Tags column in the Categories sheet and mark the Categories “Business” that you want to show there:

Thanks Heather! I didn’t realize there were two ways to tag. I have tagged the business items in the Categories sheet and everything appears to be working now!