TRXN8R - A Bulk CSV Importer for Excel; Powered by Power Query

I’m just going to leave this here for now.
If anyone downloads and tries please let me know.

Will update this with various steps, but all documentation is either on the GitHub README or within the TRXN8R Spreadsheet itself.

TRXN8R is designed to be read-only, as in it WILL SHOULD NOT MESS UP YOUR DATA.

You simply:

  1. Configure TRXN8R with the local file path to your usual Foundation Workbook
  2. Select the name of the Transactions worksheet to use (so you can duplicate/use a temp one, or if you have custom naming schemes, whatever).
  3. Select an ImportConfig which you define on a Worksheet (maps the CSV columns to Transactions)
  4. TADA - Review the Final Transactions Worksheet and copy/paste whichever ones you want.

:warning: HUGE LIMITATION - Account Info Not Used for Deduplicating Yet

If, like me, you try to import CSVs from multiple accounts, you may find that there are duplicated transactions, because the deduplication process only looks at Date, Description, Amount right now.

Nothing is programmed to consider the Accounts.

I have big dreams for that ImportConfig, including parsing account numbers from file names, and using different configs based on file name patterns (or something else?).

What would you like to see?

Please let me know!


Please do! Fork the code, file an issue, hit me up, steal it, whatever.


  • Originally, to get Tiller’s attention and hopefully a Sr. Engineering job.
  • Now I think I might shift into being a data scientist if that falls through.
  • I’m good at DevOps though…so…?!
  • I would truly love to work with Financial tools, in that realm, with what seems like a nice, family-like, group of people, who TRULY CARE ABOUT THEIR COMMUNITY!

Right Time!

  • Just saw the announcement for Excel come across a Press Release service today.
  • If that is the case…this is perfect timing to get a Power Query based Excel Foundation.
  • Noticed a few posts on the forum mentioning it as well.


Sorry for the quick/rough post. I am sleepy. I hope that this is a happy surprise for Tiller’s Friday Morning.


Sorry if this isn’t friendly yet. Post questions/replies/thoughts here or through GitHub issues.


UPDATE v/2022.2.3 - Packaged and Ready to Play With - Final Builder Challenge Entry Update

Sneaking in 8 minutes before Tiller’s Seattle time, and 52 minutes after my Calgary Mountain Time (MT).


Download below to get the TRXN8R Excel Workbook with the sample/demo data.

There are things called Custom Transformer Functions now for each CSV file.
Super powerful, but it means you need to write one to handle your CSVs.

Try it out, I really don’t know how hard/easy this is.
Hoping to make it easy for everyone!

Download, Extract, Configure the Paths, Review the Results, Copy/Paste Resulting Transactions back into the Tiller Sample, Refresh Data, and then you shouldn’t see the same transactions again.

Try copy/pasting lines of CSV files, modifying things, pasting in your own if you can.

Please let me know how it goes!

:heartpulse::heavy_dollar_sign: Greg (@GregSweats)

Thanks for this, Greg. I’m sorry I’ve been slow getting to this. I’m on the road (in NC!) and hope to spend some time with it tonight. More soon…

Thanks for your submission here @GregSweats ! When we were looking at your self assessment sheet we noticed your note about AutoCat for Excel using powerquery and just wanted to share we’re about 88% through building AutoCat directly in the Excel add-in and hope to release it publicly soon. Just didn’t want to you to live stream your AutoCat build only to find out we beat you to the punch :wink:

Sorry for the delay on responding to your concept, @GregSweats, but it took some time for our judging panel to process what you built…

What we like:

  • The ambition of a configurable, push button import tool for Excel
  • The integration of advanced platform tools like Power Query
  • Your entertaining presentation & graphical style (e.g. “:cat::dragon: TRXN8R’s Rawrply”)

What didn’t quite line up to our contest goals:

  • Dependence on scripts
  • Feels incomplete
  • Too complex for most users to get up and running

To honor all the sweat you’ve put into this and to recognize this project may inspire or provide a starting point to future builders, we are excited to extend your Tiller subscription by one year.

Thanks, @GregSweats, for your passion and contribution to the 2022 Microsoft Excel Builders Challenge.