Update instructions for copying sheet into new workbook

I noticed that the import Excel sheet instructions is for an older version of Excel. I’m using Office 365. Here’s the difference -

Step 2-5 Says to not check 'create a copy. If you don’t, you get an error.

Either create a new tab in the workbook, or copy to make that work.

Step 3-1 - Says go to data tab and click Edit Links. There is no such option. you need to pick Workbook Links now.


Step 3-2 says click on “Change Source…” which also doesn’t exist. You need to click on the 3 ellipses first THEN you get the option…


You cannot select your current workbook from the option, so you have to Browse, then re-select your workbook, THEN you can select OK. You can’t do it from the original template either because Step 2-5 says DON’T select copy, so it’s not there either.

Can we get the instructions update to reflect the new changes? That be wonderful. :slight_smile:


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Hi @DevonB thanks for sharing this. I’ll note these changes and get that content updated.