Using a custom format to show manual budget items

I’m new to Tiller, and I was finding it hard to see which items I had overridden for my budget on my categories sheet. I’ve got a bunch of categories and do have some budget items that arrive during specific months.

I’m really liking Tiller, because it is a sheet, I can simply update to solve my issues.

To make my changes visible, I just added a simple Conditional Format rule that checks if the cell is a function, and applies a different cell color if it is:

Now I can see what is automatic, and what is manual.

I see the show & tell so far has been showing some sophisticated solutions. Are there other simple modifications people have made? (Is this the place to show them?) I would love to see more…

This is a great and elegant solution to a common problem, @mre.
Thanks for sharing.

Very nice solution, @mre! Thanks for adding to the community. :slight_smile: I’ll have to keep that conditional formatting in my back pocket for when I’m modifying or troubleshooting my sheets.

So cool! I love reading about the sophisticated solutions - I don’t have enough spreadsheet smarts to implement, but I love reading about them. BUT this! This I can do. Thanks for the idea!

Hi @mre. Welcome. I agree, too: this is a great way to see at a glance the character of the data. Great work, and thanks for sharing it!

Nice job, I love conditional formatting.

My simple (similar) modification is that I use conditional formatting on the Transactions sheet Category column to highlight any transactions that are not categorized. It’s a minor change, but makes it easier to see if I skipped categorizing something.


This is exactly the kind of thing we’d also hoped for with Show & Tell so absolutely the right place to show them.

Sophisticated solutions are great, but simple things that make your money easier to understand are welcome and encouraged here too!

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Elegant! Can’t wait to try this in my budget.

I love this!
Does anyone have ideas on how something similar could be implemented on the Budgets History sheet instead?