Values not changing over time; balance history jumbled

My brokerage and retirement accounts are not changing in value month-over-month in my “Net Worth” tab. The values shown in my Net Worth tab are old ones.

The account values are current, up-to-date in my “Balances” tab.

When I go to my “Balance History” tab the order of transactions is jumbled:

The values in the "Date Added’ column match the “Date” column.

I have run through the “Repair Balance” workflow and didn’t resolve the problem. Any sense why certain accounts in my “Net Worth” tab are stuck at the same values month-to-month?

Hi @jwith - I think the key clue you gave is that the Balance History is not sorted reverse chronological/date descending. I can’t explain why that happens, but it seems that the Net Worth tab relies on the Balance History being sorted that way because of the way that it pulls that data. You can check out the following post that I made with more detail about this, including a way to fix it if you were inclined to update some of the formulas. If not, you just have to make sure that it’s sorted newest to oldest. I believe that when Tiller automatically populates it with data, they would be doing this sort as a final step, so again I’m not sure why it would stay unsorted after some time, but I believe that’s the problem that you’re observing.