Version Control/Updates


I am interested in learning how Tiller uses version control to send updates to our Sheets. Is this a 3rd party system or a Tiller Custom solution?

Hi @EdwardDarrah,

Do you mean the versioning information for solutions installed via Tiller Money Labs under “Manage Solutions” ?

@heather Thanks for the reply. Yes, that was what I was referring to. How does Tiller deploy the Managed Solutions for the specific sheets?

Hi @EdwardDarrah, I’m not totally sure as it’s a “Labs” thing intended to be community-built/supported. But I do know that there is a master Google Sheet with all the up to date versions and then a “brain” that has the version information and change set details that magically work together with the Tiller Money Labs add-on :slight_smile:

It’s a science project baked system from Labs, not any 3rd party doing it.

@heather Thanks so much for the reply and info! This is helpful in better understanding the technology. It is quiet impressive :smiley:

Tiller Money Labs writes a little Developer Metadata to sheets that it installs which includes the version information. When the Tiller Money Labs add-on loads, it compares the developer metadata from the spreadsheet to the latest versions in the :brain: that @heather mentioned to determine if any updates are available.

@randy Thanks for the follow-up and additional info. The link you shared is very helpful with getting a better idea of the how it works. My healthcare startup is looking to develop a similar workflow for user version control but with PHI. Would you be open to chatting about it off thread?

Unfortunately, @EdwardDarrah, I’m heads down on a number of projects right now.
I don’t have a lot of time to spare. Good luck.

@randy No problem at all. I appreciate you taking the time to provide me more details about how Tiller Money Labs deploys update. Thanks again.

Good luck with your project, @EdwardDarrah.