Wanting to share my sheet

What is the best practice for creating a new sheet that is sharable with the community?

I made a sheet that tracks my debts and income for each pay period. I’m in the boat of living paycheck to paycheck (for now, Tiller is helping me get out of that soon), and I feel like I’m probably not the only one.

The sheet shows expected paychecks, expected bill amount (using the Bill Payment Tracker), tracks pending transactions (manual for now, but it allows me to see the reality of my balance), tracks any other income coming in that isn’t labeled as a “paycheck”, leftover cash from the previous pay period, an average of “living costs” remaining (non-bill transactions that have been budgeted), a place to add a savings amount and a snowballing amount if you’re trying to pay off debt.

Hi @branadonshutter,

You can use the “Sheet Sanitizer” in the Tiller Money Labs add-on to make a copy that is “shareable” and then post your solution over in the Show & Tell category. When you go to create a new topic in that category it has some prompts with useful info.

Thanks Heather. I’ll bookmark this for the future. I was more wondering if there was a default template that we should be using for creating sheets that work with the foundational sheets.

@branadonshutter ah, I see. There isn’t a “default template per se” but the builder’s reference has some recommendations:

This is perfect. Thank you.