Wayward Tiller Foundation Template missing Category header -Autocat says missing Categories in Transaction Sheet

I haven’t looked at my Tiller sheet in a while. I am not sure when or how this happened, but Autocat warns: “AutoCat works best with a Category column.
Your Transactions sheet is missing this column”, so I do not try to run it. My Transactions sheet HAS the categories column (D) with working dropdown boxes, BUT the header title of “Category” is missing. My Categories sheet is also intact. Does anyone know what might be going on? I searched and didn’t find anyone talking about the warning I saw, nor this scenario I face.
Thanks for any help!

Just type Category on the header and should be Ok

I did that and still get the message from Autocat. I will try to close and re-open the sheet. Ha. Yep, Autocat wanted the sheet header before opening the sidebar.