Webinar - Optimizing Your 2024 Finances with Tiller Question

Hello All!

I rewatched the webinar specifically so I could add Year / Month columns.
I also just downloaded a brand new Foundation Template for Excel.

The video uses the Google Template. At 22:10 Heather shows to change Jan 2023 (E1) to Jan 2024 and then Feb to Dec changes to 2024 as well, because of the formula in F1 to P1.

However this does not work in Excel, as there is no formula in F1 to P1.
Does anyone know what the equivalent formula would be for Excel?

Check out the 2023 webinar and the YouTube video at time 7:53 - it goes through Excel steps.

(note: there is not an equivalent formula for Excel)


Oh Ok. Thanks Mark. I totally missed that part.