Weekly Trends Not Updating

I recently installed the Weekly Trends Add-On, which I think looks like it will be very helpful! However, my numbers aren’t updating automatically. I installed it on 6/16 and currently I have columns for the weeks of 5/17, 5/24, 5/31, and 6/7. Is it supposed to update automatically or do I need to go somewhere to manually refresh it?

I’m hoping to have this report automatically emailed to me once a week (through the Email Spreadsheets add-on), so it would be really helpful if it could automatically update.

Thanks for any insights!

Hi @nikelle.dawn,

Are you still not seeing it update? I believe you have to have categorized the transactions on the Transactions sheet before those weeks will show any data, but it should just show them automatically after the transactions that fall during that week are categorized.

I see what happened - I didn’t have auto update on for money feeds, so I wasn’t getting new transactions. That seems to have fixed it. Thanks, Heather!

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