What factors or habits bring you financial peace of mind?

On Tiller’s blog, we wrote a post about “5 Factors That Make People Feel Happy About Their Money.”

These include the availability of money in ones savings account, tracking money, talking about money with friends, setting clear financial goals, and certain kinds of spending.

Personally, I feel better when I know how much available spending money I have left every month. Even when it’s less than I wish I had, I always feel better knowing exactly what’s left. (And I recently started using the Spending Money report in my Tiller Google Sheet.)

The other practice that brings me peace of mind is diversifying income, mostly through investments. I never want to have all my income eggs in one basket.

For me, it is awareness of my financial situation as stress arises from lack of awareness. Tiller does a good job at allowing me to be aware of where I am at financially. This awareness brings me peace. Awareness, organization, and knowledge regarding my financial situation beats flying blind any day.


For me, it’s my 6 month emergency fund. It is life-changing to have the confidence that I can financially handle nearly anything that comes my way!


Love that! Truly there is nothing like a decent emergency fund for peace of mind.

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