Where does manual transaction entry pull data from?

I just setup a new Google Sheet from Scratch. Now when I go in to create a manual transaction, the accounts are empty and the categories say “Loading…”

I’m praying to the Tiller Gods that I don’t need to start a new one from scratch and it’s simply an issue with data that can be fixed. Does anyone know where it pulls data from and/or how to fix it?


The manual transaction only allows you to enter a transaction for a manual account, not one that Tiller pulls automatically. If you need a manual account, then you need to go to the Manual Account tool and add an account, then it should show up in this dropdown.

I believe it pulls the accounts from the Accounts sheet (which may be hidden). I’d try reloading the page and see if that helps.

Hi @yossiea, that’s not true. I’ve used it to create manual transactions against other accounts. You can then mark them for reconciliation later.

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This is not true. You can definitely create manual transactions for automatic accounts. When you do, you will have the option to mark the transaction for reconciliation if you expect an automatic transaction to populate later.

Thanks, I now see that. I think I was confusing with account balance update.

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Support chat helped me out. Here’s what they said:

  1. Open your Google Sheet
  2. Launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on from the Extensions menu at the top
  3. Choose Templates
  4. Click “Restore template” under the Accounts sheet
  5. Choose “Archive Existing Then Restore”