Pull account balance but not transactions

As the title suggests, I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to pull only balances but not transactions for certain accounts. I’m using Excel. The reason for the ask is that I have investment accounts clogging up the ledger with transactions I don’t need to see. 15 months worth of data is now at 135,000+ lines. My spreadsheet is becoming very slow and unmanageable as a result.

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@psavini Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to pull in only balance data and not transaction data for accounts you have connected to your sheet. You will likely need to delete the transaction rows as it is imported into your sheet.

You can opt to disconnect your account and then track the balance manually by using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. The steps for how to do that are included in the guide below.

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I just logged in to post this exact question and here it is! I have the same problem, seems like ideally in the Accounts tab, there would be another column “Exclude Transactions” which one can toggle on per account basis. When set to True, transactions would not be pulled (or would be deleted automatically after being pulled).

Maybe we can put in a feature request?? Would think this is a relatively simple ask.

@warren I’m using Excel so the manual account option won’t work for me.

@psavini - I added feature request, please vote: