Where Is Data Stored With The Savings Budget?

Hi Randy:
A quick question: If I log a change to the Savings of two categories and hit “Update Budget” in the Savings Budget tool bar, where are those changes “written?” I understand how changes to the Categories sheet are made, if I were making changes to the Budget among categories, but I am not following where the changes to the Savings are made. Only in the Savings Budget presentation, drawn, then, from entries in the Budget Journal?

This can be a little confusing…

Monthly budgets are written and stored in the Categories sheet— for full compatibility with our other budgeting tools (like Monthly Budget and Yearly Budget). The dashboard’s budget values are pulled from the Categories sheet.

Savings changes are written and stored in the new Budget Journal (that is installed with the Savings Budget). The dashboard’s savings values are pulled from the Budget Journal sheet.

Note the budget changes are added to the Budget Journal also, but these entries are just for reference (for a complete record of how you have changed your budget over time). In other words, budget-change entries in the Budget Journal have no bearing on the data in the Savings Budget dashboard.

Hope this helps.

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So, if one were to make changes directly to the Budget Journal sheet (overwriting an entry there) would that then be reflected in the Savings Budget dashboard?

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That’s right, @heather. Those changes would be reflected in the dashboard.

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Yes. This all makes sense. Thanks for the quick replies, and, BTW, this new tool is ingenious.

The debt balance

e, pay off period, and remaining is not showing. Is there a bug in the template? Thanks

It’s working fine for me. I would double-check and make sure that your tracked debt category name exactly matches the account name. Don’t include xxxx1234 in the category name unless that is part of the account name in Transactions!F.

Thanks, @cculber2. It works after I remove the xxxxx. I thought the name is obtained from the Debt progress tracker that is linked to accounts. Is there a way to hide goal and debt from appearing in the other report such as monthly analysis.

Yes, if you mark the category as Hide in the Hide From Reports column E it will not be included in most foundation template sheets, but will still be included on the Savings & Debt sheet.

As @cculber2 notes, we use the Hide From Reports setting in the Categories sheet to enable hiding of categories in automatically-rendered dashboards. In the case of the Savings & Debt template, since the categories/accounts are manually added to the sheet, the Hide From Reports setting is not used in the tool.

Hope this helps, @adekunledauda.

Oh… also, @adekunledauda, @heather and I will be doing a brief webinar on the Savings & Debt template this week.

It’s a great opportunity to bring questions… if @cculber2 doesn’t answer them all for you first… :wink:

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