Why does "Group" not show up on the P/L Report for transfers?

Maybe I’m missing something here. But “groups” show up under Income and Expense, but not under transfer category specifically in the P/L report? It would help me to have this, anyone know why it’s not there and if there is any way to get it there? Thank you.

Hi @amitnzn:

Just checking here…is your Transfer category marked to as “Hide” on your category sheet? (Likely column D…)

If so, by design, that flag prevents categories so marked to be excluded from reports. (I unmarked my Transfer category just to see…yup…showed up on the P&L Report.)

They are not hidden. The transfer category is visible on the P/L report, but is not grouped under “groups” like expense and income are. In the transfer section in the P/L report, it simply lists all the categories. Any help?