Wondering if anyone is using physical security keys for additional protection?

Just wondering what fellow google sheets users for the sensitive info we all keep therein. It does seem google has this option below. I have a yubi key under way, but was wondering any other thoughts the collective hive had on it?

I have two different Yubikeys registered to my Google account for 2FA. One is on my keyring, and the other is stored in a safe place as a backup.

A few months ago I turned on APP as an experiment. Unfortunately, it broke integrations I care about, so I turned it back off. I don’t remember clearly which ones were broken so don’t hold me to this, but one of them may have been Tiller.

I use two security keys for my work and personal Google accounts. I have APP enabled on my work account, but not my personal account (yet). Good question, @diogo6. Curious how others are set up.

Thank you both, I got my keys, got set up and unfortunately have ran into an issue on a sheet I share with my soccer group… will have to look into it later, but the transition is def not effortless then.


And actually, this simple solve found here helped me. AFAIK I’m done now but I do have a lot of Google Sheets I’ve yet to check on. Posting the link here as it may help others too:


As far as I can tell so far, Tiller continues to work for me… but my APP experiment is quickly coming to an end for a similar reason, too many sheets/integrations/scripts (lots of my own) that I seemingly can’t get to run. It’d be nice if we could pick which files/scripts to include/exclude from “their protection” but no luck as of today.

It’d be nice to know if anyone has any sheet-specific solutions for extra security however.


Glad to hear Tiller is working with APP.
Thanks for posting your findings, @diogo6.

Long story short, for non-tiller related reasons… I ran into an unlucky-known-error that google has allowed to exist for 3+ years now (Google Issue Tracker)… after multiple days and convos looking for a solution I ran into this and my otherwise affected sheets now work again: “This app is blocked” error on Google Apps Script [solution] – Aiman Fikri

Like insurance, hoping no one here needs to use it, but good to have it if you do ^

What a drag. Thanks for sharing the solution for others, @diogo6.