Workflow after importing Mint data

After meticulously adhering to the guidelines for importing my Mint data into Tiller Google Sheets, which involved establishing a Tiller account and linking all my financial accounts, I successfully imported data for the past three months. To prevent duplications, I took the precaution of deleting all acquired Tiller data (Tiller Money Feeds while setting up accounts) before importing my Mint CSV.

Looking ahead, I’m curious if I can consistently use the same Google Sheet to add new data originating from my Tiller-connected accounts. Specifically, I wonder whether Tiller Money Feeds will automatically retrieve the deleted data (Original Tiller Money Feeds from account creation) from the last three months and potentially generate duplicates alongside the pre-existing Mint-imported data.

I followed the same/similar flow and didn’t have duplicate transactions with ongoing subsequent data fills. Each data fill is new transactions that haven’t been downloaded previously.


I ended up having some duplicates. There is a tool that identifies duplicates and you can remove the ones from Mint. The reason I had duplicates were because Tiller pulled historical data of various lengths, so I had a few duplicates from the accounts that Tiller was able to pull the oldest transactions for. See What Should I Do if I See Duplicate Transactions in my Sheet? | Tiller Help Center