Account names in Daily Update

I’ve changed the names of my accounts, but the account names in my Daily Update are still the default names that were assigned when I added the accounts. Is there any way to change this? Since the Daily Update doesn’t show the last 4 digits of the account number but also doesn’t show the updated account names, some of them can be confusing (like “CREDIT CARD” and then “Chase”).

Welcome to the community!! Sadly, no. The daily update emails are pretty much carved in stone but there are many requests for changes so maybe… someday… I think account name changes might be the oldest request on the list!

Well I suppose at least you’re honest about it!

Oh, I’m not Tiller. Just a user. But, I did find the feature request so you can see you are not alone :smile:

Great question, @jessgraham. I’m afraid @susandennis is correct that we currently do not take advantage of the account renaming you might have done in the Console when sending the daily emails. I’ve upvoted the feature request and passed this along to the rest of the engineering team.

Thanks Randy - it’s one of those things that, as a new user who’s still testing out it’s functionality before the free trial is up, gives off the impression that the basics haven’t been addressed (since it’s a thing a user would encounter everyday if they sign up for the daily email). It just seems like something that should have been a given, as compared to something that is taken advantage of or not.

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Thanks for your feedback, @jessgraham we definitely hope to make some improvements to the daily email!