Adding a new category

I want to add a new category for auto insurance. I am currently lumping it in with the auto/gas preset category. When I add the new category and put it in AutoCat, everything gets deleted on my monthly budget page. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure what’s happening there, but I’m curious how you are changing Categories sheet.

I am adding a new category, since the one I want doesn’t exist in the AutoCat dropdown. So I added “auto insurance” to the categories page. Now “auto insuracnce” appears as an AutoCat option, but it messed up the whole monthly budget page.

Hi, as @Mark.S indicated we need more information on how and where you added the new category. Maybe a screen capture(s) of what your seeing would help.

I added it to the bottom of this page. This is a previous saved version, not the messed up one.

This is where I added it, and this is what it did to my budget page.

Welcome to the Tiller Community @mscalard I’m personally not familiar with the excel version so unable to assist in this problem. But since this is excel related I’m going to retag it to excel instead of google sheets so hopefully some of the excel folks will be able to help you.

If no resolution is able to be found, this could be an issue that you could reach out to the official support channel through the chat box at the tiller console at

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I’m not sure where you’re at with this issue, but I came across this Excel help article that made me think you. Something to consider :slight_smile:
Why don’t I see my budget or actual amounts on my dashboard?

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Hi, I’m just curious if you are still having your issue? I feel a connection with you because you classified your tax category as “Stupid Tax”. :slight_smile:

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One thing that jumps out at me, @mscalard, is that there is no dollar sign on the 153 in Q30 of the Categories sheet. Is it possible that cell is formatted as text instead of as currency?

If that doesn’t help, I’d unhide the hidden area in the Monthly Budget and see if there are any broken references that offer clues. And if you spend more than a few minutes scratching your head there, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at