Adopt Unmanaged Core Sheet?"

When I opened the Tiller Community Solutions, I received this error. “Adopt Unmanaged Core Sheet?”

"This spreadsheet contains one sheet— Categories— that appears to be a Tiller core sheet, but that is not recognized by Tiller Community Solutions.

If you believe this sheet conforms to Tiller core-sheet standards, you can “adopt” it so it will be recognized by Tiller Community Solutions and will fulfill solution dependencies."

Anyone have any idea what I’ve done, or how to fix it? I’m also not able to see any new categories I add to the category sheet on any of my other sheets.

Tiller templates have a little ID number embedded in their metadata so the add-on can determine if dependencies are present and if all the versions are up to date. The adoption workflow is used when a template is found that uses a core-sheet name (e.g. Categories) but is missing the expected metadata that would identify it.
If you Categories sheet conforms to the columns and structure of the original Categories sheet in your Foundation Template— likely!— there is no real risk in adopting it. That step will basically re-add the missing metadata and assume that it is compatible.

The second problem hints at the issue though… It sounds like your other sheets are not properly referencing your Categories sheet— they most likely have broken links— possibly because the original Categories sheet was deleted.

If it were me, I would adopt the Categories sheet, then use the Templates/Restore workflow to repair any templates that reference the categories sheet which are not working. You may also need to rebuild the data validation rule in the Category column of the Transactions sheet; this cannot be done through a restore operation and is easy to implement manually.

I believe I need to rebuild the data validation rule. Can you share more on how to do this, please?

@angigerstner you can find steps on fixing the data validation rule for the Category column on the Transactions sheet here: Troubleshooting the Category dropdown in the Transactions sheet | Tiller Help Center

After adopting the sheet, the transactions sheet would not accept a new option for the categories sheet, however, it showed me which sheet it wanted to use and I still had that sheet. I had renamed it as a backup and hidden it for unknown reasons. So I removed the categories sheet I was using and then renamed the back up to Categories. The transaction sheet now seems satisfied.

Next, I restored the Monthly and Yearly templates. My spending numbers are populating, but the budget ones are not. My next step is to restore the Budget Plan sheet and hope that is the last piece in this puzzle. Do you have any other suggestions?

Can you please confirm that you have budget totals set on the Categories sheet in the columns out right that have a month header in row 1?

Do you see any errors on the Monthly or Yearly Budget sheets?

We may need you to send us screenshots so if you don’t feel comfortable sharing those here I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at - since this is about the Foundation Template our support team via email/chat will be able to help.