Ally Invest Brokerage Accounts No Dividend or Interest Transactions

Hi, my Ally bank accounts are connected to Tiller.

I have traditional checking and savings accounts which are correctly recording interest paid transactions in tiller each month. YAY!

But my Ally investment accounts (IRA, Brokerage) are not recording transactions in tiller for associated dividends and interest. :’(

Is anyone else experiencing this?

One of the key selling points of tiller for me was to have 1 sheet where I could track investment income. I’ve gone through the FAQs to troubleshoot and confirm the connections in Tiller. But I’m at a loss on what to do next.


  1. Have you received dividends and interest before? If yes but not now, maybe email support.
  2. If you have never received anything, then maybe you are not linked. There might be a different Ally website for the investment accounts versus banking.


I have a linked Ally Savings account, @danielz, and I am also seeing “Interest Paid” transactions. Unfortunately, I don’t have IRA or Brokerage accounts that I can check.

Do you know if dividends and interest usually come through IRA & brokerage accounts, @heather?

Yes, dividends and interest flow in from brokerage accounts.

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Thanks Blake.

  1. I emailed Tiller support 13 days ago and they said that they have contacted the data provider to ask for an update.

I followed up 1 week ago and Tiller is still waiting for an update from the data provider.
I’ve been instructed to wait.

I’ll update this thread if/when I hear more. I hope they can figure it out.

Cool. I am out 41 days on an account they are still working on.