AmEx hasn't updated in 3 days

Three days ago the AmEx accounts stopped updating. Manual updates throw a “Requested data is unavailable at American Express Cards” error. All my non-AmEx accounts update correctly.

I’ve re-authenticated the accounts. I haven’t unlinked/removed them and then re-added them. Should I? Or is this a Yodlee problem that will just silently be fixed?

Sorry about the issue you’ve run into. Will you please reach out to Tiller Support via email ( or chat by logging into your Tiller account at We’ll be able to see what’s going on on our end and get back to you with next steps.


(Sent an email. Got an automated reply, but no contact. [Update/Correction. We missed each other in email.] I see no evidence of a “Chat” function on my account page.)

I’ve got it working again. No idea why it stopped working. To restore functionality I:

  • Went to Connected Account Summary and removed both AmEx cards (personal and corporate cards). I ACKd the warning that this would stop updating the accounts and made sure I specified the option to leave behind the already recorded transactions
  • Utilized “Add Accounts” to once again add AmEx. I was taken to the Amex page to provide appropriate permissions
  • Verified that I was able to sync accounts. I wasn’t entirely surprised to see that there were ~150 newly imported transactions that went back in history a few months. This was a fresh pull of transactions from AmEx and, naturally, contained many duplicates of already imported transactions
  • I de-duped the transactions by filtering on: Account Name then sorting on transaction date Z to A. I scrolled down the transactions until I identified where the duplicates began and ended. I then further filtered by “Date Added” to only see the fresh (duplicate) transactions and removed them

This morning I was surprised to see a second set of AmEx cards now in my Connected Accounts section. Upon syncing another 149 duplicates were imported. Somehow Yodlee/Tiller became convinced that I had a second set of AmEx cards to import and was doing the needful. I suspect that this came from my trying to force the syncing to start again the other day by re-authing the existing connection. I imagine this got stored as a new unique account somewhere in the heart of Tiller and Yodlee, but visually didn’t immediately appear. I removed the duplicated set of cards and went into the sheet as usual.

I needed to de-dupe the transactions again (same pattern as above). In flipping to the various sheets I noticed that Tiller was referring to six different AmEx cards, however. After some digging through the sheets I realized that:

  • Accounts had references to the original, and both new sets of cards
  • Account Balance had references to both sets
  • Both ledgers were being used elsewhere to conclude that there were three accounts, not one account

Ultimately the get-well to this new problem was to go to Balance History, filter on Account (D) for the AmEx card name (once for personal, once for corporate). I needed to identify the original unique account ID (F) and the newly generated Account ID, then bulk change all the old Account Balance entries to have the new Account ID (a Find/Replace could have been used, but it was just as easy to just select all the rows with the old value and paste the new value over it).

A quick visual check of all the derivative sheets that reference here seems as though I’ve caught everything.

Any pointers for anything else I should check?

Sounds like an ordeal, @jmccabe. Sorry for the hassle but it sounds like your instincts and process are sound.

We have an older tool in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on called Repair Balance History workflow. You could run this on your updated sheet and see if it finds anything out of the ordinary— though I think you are in a good place.

Very similar problem. Amex stopped working on Friday. Usually I just wait a day and things work again. Today, I just kept doing “Edit Connection”, I did it about four times and then it finally worked again.

Thanks for your update here @jmccabe. We definitely don’t recommend removing and re-adding accounts because that can cause issues, but I’m not sure why you ended up with a set of duplicates.

I’m including a guide below on how to address duplicates in your spreadsheet, but if you’re still seeing duplicate sets of accounts on your Tiller Console you may want to remove one set of duplicates.

I’d love to learn more about this as I have a suspicion that some customers aren’t seeing our chat tool. You don’t see this little blue bubble in the lower right corner of the Console when you log in at

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 8.29.21 AM

Welcome @edt11x :wave:

Glad you were able to get it to work again, but hopefully it won’t be a persistent problem.

Is anybody else having issues with American Express Savings accounts? I know they switched how you access the cards and savings accounts a few months back but just last week it stopped working for me. Now, AMEX combined the logins for Savings and Cards but in Tiller, the card updates work (they didn’t last week but fixed now) but the Savings accounts no longer do. Does anybody know how I can fix the Savings updates? Currently, they are on separate accounts in Tiller- do I need to delete the old Savings? If yes, how do I get them added to the account with the card? Thanks!

@erickang44 - please don’t delete anything. That usually causes more headache than it’s worth.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at - if you don’t see the chat widget, write to and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

The team needs to take a look at your accounts in our logs and figure out what’s going wrong here.

Previously the Amex Personal Savings accounts were not included in the Amex open banking migration a couple months back so those are still on a separate site.

Thanks! Appreciate the reply.

Correct, @heather . I do not see that chat icon/bubble. See screen shot for the bottom-right corner of my screen.

Now that I know what to look for, I suspect the problem is that your chat service is supplied by a service called “” The domain is blocked by at least one domain blocklists that may be utilized on routers and/or privacy oriented content blockers in browsers:

Match found in


If I intentionally white-list that domain and reload the page, the chat icon appears.

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Good catch, @jmccabe. Were you able to get through to our support team?

No longer necessary. We traded email early on (thanks!), but not before I just removed the troublesome account and the re-added it as described above.