AMEX Savings Connectivity Issues

I have both AMEX credit cards and AMEX personal savings accounts. This is relevant because AAMEX use to have separate logins for each; they’ve since consolidated all logins into the credit card login.

I have separate logins for each in my Tiller console:

No matter which credentials I use for the savings accounts (i.e., my current credentials or my old savings account login), I can’t seem to get the savings accounts to sync. The CC login works fine.

If you reenter the login credentials for the cards, does the savings account appear as an account to be synced through the credit cards (go up to the top of the console to double check if there’s a box there to check under AmEx for the savings account)? I had a similar issue recently with a different bank , and the new account appeared when I reentered the login credentials.

I also hoped that would be the case. When I’ve re-entered the AMEX CC credentials, the savings accounts do not appear.

Of note, when I enter my old savings login credentials into the savings login, it appears to accept the credentials, but then fails to refresh the accounts. Entering the CC login in the savings credentials marks them as incorrect.

I’d check with customer support on this. AmEx is obviously a pretty big player, so I suspect you’re not the only person dealing with this.

I have the same issue !

At this time we’re unable to support personal savings, personal checking, and high yield savings accounts for American Express. Amex is slowly migrating all non-credit card customer accounts to the standard American Express Cards website, but these non-credit card accounts do not yet work with the standard American Express Cards site within Tiller.

Until our data provider can support these accounts you’ll need to manually track your non-credit card Amex accounts.