Automated Fills Multiple Times Per Day

Has anyone figured out how to get the tiller to fill the sheet automatically? macros, scripts, etc…

Are you asking about something like AutoFill?

Sort of . but autofill is only once a day. and there is no way to know if the data that autofill fills is the lates since there is an asynchronous financial institution data pull.

the system seem very sub optimal.

what I want is for institution data to be pulled several times a day and synchronously after that has finished then autofill. do this automatically every hour or every 4 hours etc…

I’m pretty sure that Yodlee imposes limits on how often Tiller can auto-refresh data (and Yodlee, in turn, has limits that institutions impose on it). Tiller does not have unfettered access to our data that it can then just seamlessly pass on to us.


There is no way to do it automatically. I have tried. The only way to do it is manually from the console, then manually clicking fill sheets.

tiller seems so cool but it has some serious flaws and missing capability. I would much rather a simply python library to be able to pull down all transactions from my institutions. that would seem much better.
For the cost I really need to re-think tiller upon renewal time.

As others have said, @ltcomanderdata, out data aggregator is not built to offer real-time, multiple-fills-per-day feeds.

Simply get yourself into a mental place where you are confident that you don’t need to check your account balances or spending more than once per day.

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