Balance History Tracker


I’ve always wanted to redo the Balance History sheet to track by day (if you run Tiller, you can often get multiple updates by day) and then by account/institution, etc. I then saw a post about tracking balances and it pushed me to see if I can finish it up.


Open up my shared Tiller Sheet: Shared Tiller Sheets - Google Sheets
Copy the Balance History Tracker to your own Tiller Template.


Should run straight out of the box.


All filters are optional, and the combinable (but if you select all criteria, it’s possible that nothing will return based on the conditons).


This uses the last balance update of the day.


Is it ok for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow?

Hi @yossiea - I copied over to my Foundation Template but is not working. The Transaction Tracker works perfectly when I copied that one over. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.

Can you describe the issue after install, @zebra22?

If you go to the right, are there any cells that have a #REF in them?
What do you see on the screen?
Also, on your Balance History sheet, does the data start in column A or B?

i couldn’t get it to work either. I have a fair amount of history in my BECU checking account but nothing shows.

I know everyone gets twitchy when you show actual data so sorry for making anyone twitch.

OK, I’m trying to get to the bottom of this. I made one change in the filter. Can you try and grab it again?
Also, can you filter on just the account and not class or type? I want to see where the problem happens.

I should probably note this, but right now, the TYPE and CLASS are synced, and the INSTITUTION and ACCOUNT are synced, but they aren’t all in sync yet, since that would require some filter calculations using ANDs etc.

-edit- OK, I see an issue with accounts from the same institution. Let me troubleshoot.
-edit- Fixed. Sorry for this, but please try again.

Thanks for doing some user testing for me. :slight_smile:
The issue was that I was de-duping the data but since I was changing some columns, it wasn’t deduping on account, but only on institution.

I am ALWAYS happy to user test. Always. Ask any time.

And… this time…

Perfection! works with zero errors! Thank you.

Darn. The revised version is populating data but I am getting DIV/O under “Average Balance” and getting
“Nothing returned based on filter conditions.” under Balance and VALUE error under “Updated Balance”
Everything else populating correctly.

I just downloaded a new version of Tiller template and the Balance History table has a new column called Balance ID in it which the older template didn’t have. That is most likely causing the error.

If you go back to my shared spreadsheet, you’ll see a new Balance History Tracker with _balanceID appended. Try that one.

Thanks @yossiea will try that version.

I modified the original, so it should work for both versions.

Fun with filters! Worked great for me, @yossiea!
Thanks for sharing.

YW, one thing I want to do is tie in the class to account, but I would need some sort of AND filter, but it would get too crazy I think to have all the filters mixed up. If someone can think of an easy way to have everything connected, I would love to see an example.

I have just pushed a new version which linkifies all the filters, so you can filter on an institution by class/type, etc.