August Community Recognitions

July has been a busy month in this community.

Not only was the community generally more active, July 2022 set a new record for the number of shared templates and workflows in the Google and Excel Show & Tell categories.

Super Hero Recognitions

Two months ago, we updated recognitions for our most active contributors.

We are excited to announce a few milestones:

  • @Brad.warren reached the 9-month milestone— a new record!— and good for the 9-month recognition.
  • @jpfieber just hit 7 months— sorry we didn’t call out your 6-month milestone last month, Joseph.
  • And let’s welcome former :superhero: @yossiea, @susandennis, @cculber2 back into the fold.


As I mentioned, there has been a flurry of activity in the Show & Tell subcategories in July.



Thanks for the hard work and the great tools, everyone!


Wohoo! It’s fantastic to see the Community energy with Google Sheets and now Excel too. Six new solutions in Excel - that’s just awesome. And continued growth in the fantastic portfolio of Google Sheets solutions. Thank you Super Heros and Builders @Brad.warren @yossiea @susandennis @cculber2 @mr_signal and @jpfieber (you’re firing on all cylinders @jpfieber !)