Balance sheet not updating

Hi there since yesterday, my transfer transaction are not updating the balance even with the option update balance.


But balance history update with the transaction and the new balance value.

I believe the problem is the dates. I configure the column to accept dates as MM/DD/YYYY.
In manual transaction the date is correct. After being insert the MM and DD are swapped.

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As you note, it seems likely that the problem is a result of changing the date format/locale. Someone from Tiller would need to confirm because we can’t see how the manual transactions and balances are added.

The Balances sheet shows the amount from the latest Balance History row for each account. If you correct the dates on the the Balance History sheet, the Balances sheet should correct itself.

:raising_hand_woman:t2: person from Tiller here. We advise against changing the Locale setting in your Google Sheets from “United States”.

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