Bank transactions are 24 hours behind

I am seeing a recurring annoyance with my bank transactions being 24 hours behind in Tiller from compared to what has cleared the bank. This appears to only happen with my BECU bank accounts. I actually noticed this issue with Mint as well, so it is not a Tiller specific issue. There must be something with the feed from BECU that is causing this. I do not believe this is a case of the transaction being pending as all transactions appear as cleared on the bank site. Once they are cleared, I don’t see them in my transaction sheet until the next day.

I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this? Thanks

If I understand you correctly, this behavior is typical. The aggregators poll connected institutions for updates once per day. If you happen to review your sheets perfectly in phase with that somewhat-arbitrary polling cycle, updates may appear in sync. If you are out of phase, they may appear out of sync by a day.

Thanks @randy what you said does make sense. However, I see this when I trigger a manual transaction pull (fill sheets) as well. For example, I have two transaction that have cleared the bank on the BECU site as of today (Feb 6), however even just attempting a re-sync now those transactions are not reflected in my transaction sheet. I suppose it is possible that BECU only updates their feed once a day so even retrying to fill the sheet throughout the day would just return the same data as the first attempt.

Hi @jwrobbins the other possibility is that they’re marked as “pending” longer in some behind the scenes place. We see that with some institutions. When the transactions is sent, the “status” is still pending, but because we ignore pending transactions right now, we can’t pick it up until the status changes to posted, which can cause delays.

I can’t speak for how it works in Mint, but that’s most likely what’s happening here, either that or there is just a block on how often the data can be grabbed from BECU from either mechanism (automatic or manual refresh).

I have not seen this but I did see a weird blip last week. My BECU checking balance was incorrect. . In the transactions list was a major transaction that was not reflected in the balance. In the balance tab were two different balances for that day. Of my 4 BECU account, only my checking account had an additional balance line. Of course the old balance was on top but deleting it did not fix the problem. (refreshing and re syncing and refilling didn’t either)

I finally moved $10 from another account into checking and re synced at the console and the refilled and it was fixed. Haven’t seen it again.

And, while i was typing the comment above just now, I was manually refreshing and refilling.

Tiller says - on my balance sheet - that my BECU checking account has $5,000 more than it does. The balance history tab agrees.

BUT the $5,000 check is listed in transactions.

I seem to have Schrödinger cat of a checking account. The money is both there and not there.

So I moved another $10. Re synced from console, refilled sheet. And now the balance tab and the balance history tab match. The $5k is clearly gone.

@susandennis sometime I see a similiar issue with my Chase account What I find is in the balance history there is two entries for a given date One with the correct amount and one before thrtransaction hits. For some reason the correct entry is not being read and causes my numbers to be off . Normally I just ignore but sometimes I do go into Balance History and delete the incorrect entry

I think your last statement is exactly what randy was saying - the feed from the bank is only updated once per day, so it doesn’t matter when you refresh your sheet, as the bank feed hasn’t been updated since the last refresh. Maybe I’m being obtuse, but I don’t see the issue with a 24 hour delay? Personally, most of my transactions take days to clear (thanks AMEX), so by the time it actually shows in Tiller, it’s 4-5 days later.


This is off-topic but your reference to Schrödinger cat was funny.


Thank you all for your input. The saving grace here is that BECU seems to be somewhat consistent :wink: with the delay of these transactions. I just have to be sure to check both the transaction sheet and the BECU ledger to be able to reconcile correctly.

@sam.benito The issue with the delay is that the bank balance and my Tiller pending balance doesn’t always zero out unless I check the bank ledger and factor “delayed” transactions from there. This is due to the bank balance only being current with transactions in its ledger and Tiller only being current being current with the transactions in its ledger. I have to reconcile in two directions.

This probably does not help but I can experience update delays from my primary bank, DCU, of five to 10 days on certain transactions. I have worked with and received help from Heather and the support team when there have been significant delays. Since DCU is considered a lower-level institution (not as many users), eventually the issues rise up on the Yodlee. That said, a small number of certain transactions are still delayed and now I just live with it as they eventually show up.



I’ve noticed that my US Bank transactions are behind in refreshing, while my Balance History and my Balances worksheets match my online connection to US Bank values after a refresh; but some transactions seem to be delayed refreshing on the Transactions worksheet for an extra day or two (not a pending issue either). I have a habit of refreshing the Tiller cloud side of accounts prior to downloading to the Tiller Excel spreadsheet. To confuse things even more, sometimes I wait until the bank statement comes out and ASAP use that WONDERFUL Account Reconciliation worksheet someone created, to see if there are any transactions that never came down. Almost monthly (not every month) I find a transaction or two that didn’t download…Still, I am so thankful for this Tiller template. These are not nearly as time consuming to identify and fix than the difficulty I kept having the last couple years with Quicken. Thanks, Tiller!

Apologies, I just refreshed my US Bank transactions and “confirmed” (NOT!) my above belief by checking each mentioned worksheet, comparing it with my online view. I was mistaken. 1) The Balance History DOES reflect my balance BEFORE the pending transactions. 2) The pending transactions are NOT yet in the Transaction Sheet (as I noted). 3) My Balances sheet DOES reflect my online balance but it INCLUDES the pending transactions.

This information tells me I need to rework, or at least change my understanding, of a self-created sheet that uses the bank balance from the Balance worksheet. Knowledge is power (hopefully).

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Hi I know this is an old thread, but wanted to check if many, especially amex transactions, take 4-5 days to show up? Ie it’s odd when i get an email that a refund has posted, i check amex it has happened 1-2 days ago and still don’t see it in tiller. and was just wondering it’s due to it being the weekend or some odd timing thing