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Did you add the dates to the “Notes” column? You need to specify which two dates you want by adding something like “1,15”, “1,16”, “15,Last” or “16,Last”.

Create two budget items, one with the start/end dates of the first period and it’s amount, and the second with the start/end dates of the second period and it’s amount.

To try and balance your income/expenses, I look to the totals in M1:X1. If the total is negative, you have to many expenses, if the total is positive, you have excess income that should be budgeted to something else (savings?).

@jpfieber Oops, I misunderstood and did not read your documentation on Bi-Monthly. What you call Bi-Monthly I have always referred to as Bi-Weekly, I was assuming Bi-Monthly was every other month.
Turns out on a Google search, either terminology works. My fault for not reading the documentation before asking the question!

Great idea to create two budget items with start/end dates, thank you. Also, thanks for pointing out the M1:X1 totals for balancing the budget. Appreciate the help!

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Hey there jpfieber .

I’m probably stumbling all over it, but can you advise where the referred to documentation is for this template?

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Using version 1.8.1 of Budget Plan in Google Sheets.

Changing the date in Categories F1 from 7/1/2022 to 1/1/2022 makes the values in Budget Plan disappear except for the month of Dec 2022 which hasn’t happened yet. (Writing this on 2022-11-22)

Changing the value in Categories F1 back to 7/1/2022 makes them reappear in the Budget Plan.

I have transactions in the Transactions tab for the entire year.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



What does “Budget Plan!M3” say? It looks to the Categories sheet header row and is supposed to return the smallest number, which should be the first budget month. You can over-ride this on the Budget Plan sheet by typing 1/1/22 in the cell M3, but it would be good to know why it isn’t working right so I can fix it.

ANSWERED my own question about missing values in the Budget Plan when I changed the date in Categories F1.

Changing the value in Categories F1 from 1/1/2022 to 1/1/2023 fixed the problem because I was using “Past Category” in the Frequency column of Budget Plan. I only have a few transactions for 2021 because I started using Tiller in 2022. So, when Budget Plan was looking at the Past Category, there were no transactions for the Past Year (2021). Makes perfect sense.

I’m sure this is mentioned somewhere in the documentation but I just missed it.


Thanks. I feel a little dumb right now! There’s nothing wrong with your spreadsheet. I just didn’t think the problem through completely. In short, I should have changed the value in Categories F1 to 1/1/2023 since I was using “Past Category” in the Frequency column.

I don’t have any transactions in the first 11 months of 2021 so getting $0 values for those months was 100% correct!

Thanks very much for a terrific template. I have to add that the formula in Budget Plan M4 is pretty intimidating! :slight_smile:


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Disabling Transfers doesn’t change the Annual Total in Column Y of Budget Plan.

Several of the Categories I copied from Categories are of the Type, “Transfer.”

Enabling or Disabling them in column A of Budget Plan doesn’t change the value shown in Budget Plan Y1.

Why is that?

Transfers are just movements of money from one account to another, it’s not an income or expense item, so it’s not something you would need to budget. Y1 simply subtracts all your budgeted expenses from your budgeted income. Since transferring money from one account to another doesn’t change how much you’ve earned or spent, you shouldn’t expect any difference.

I am really loving your creation! I have 2022 on the template sheet from Community Solutions, but I’m not sure how to start planning for 2023. Do I use a new template sheet or add more columns onto the one I’m currently using?

Thanks for the kind words. I’m not totally sure yet on the best way to do this. Here’s my thought so far, which I posted in the Excel versions post:

If you want to save the 2022 budget info in your Categories sheet for use with templates that can view historic budget data:

  1. Select the month headers in the Categories sheet
  2. Grab the fill handle and drag to the right across 12 columns to get all the 2023 months listed
  3. Select the cells in your Dec 2022 column
  4. Drag the fill handle to the right to fill the empty new columns and point them to the Budget Plan sheet
  5. Select all the budget cells for 2022 that currently contain formulas filled by Budget Plan
  6. Copy
  7. Paste as Values, which will replace the formulas with the results of the formulas, so they will no longer change
  8. Go to the Budget Plan sheet and change M3 (the January column header) to 1/1/23
  9. You should now see all the Budget Plan data in the Categories sheet in the new columns you added for 2023

If you don’t need historic budget data, change the Jan 2022 cell header in the Categories sheet to 1/1/23 and Budget Plan will automatically update. You’ll probably want to wait till 1/1/23 to do that though.

Sorry I missed the 1.81 update to the master, @jpfieber. Just updated that in our template library. For anyone who updated or installed the template in the past 2 weeks, you may have the 1.81 content but it will show as 1.80.