Cash Account and Mapping Transactions To it

I added a manual account for tracking where I spend my cash. But the Account # Column and Institution don’t appear to be mapping to the account I created, hence my cash on the “Balanaces” tab is not moving. How do I connect these in the transactions list when I manually add a cash transaction? Thank you.

Are you trying to couple manual transactions in the Transactions sheet to changing balances at the (manual) Account level in Excel, @ladyerica?

If you use the Manual Transactions sidebar pane, there is a checkbox that will update the (manual) account balance when you create a new transaction.


been super sick and i responded to someone on this yesterday. i think it has to do with dates.

Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well.

If our team did end up sharing the solution with you directly, can you please also share it here to help benefit any future customers that run into this issue?

Thanks yes I think the problem was that I set up the account and then added manual transaction that predated the existence of the account. So I just moved those transactions forward and then it worked.